How Much Do Long Distance Movers Cost? (California 2022)

Jul 21, 2022 | Moving

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, especially across long distances, which can be pretty expensive. With long distance moves, so many factors can affect the price, making it challenging to determine generally how much do long-distance movers cost

With that said, and depending on the home or office size, and the distance you are moving, it can cost anywhere between $2,600 to $6,800 or more. Elements such as packing, number of items and distance can all alter the price of your long-distance move. So let’s take a deeper look into narrowing down what your long-distance move from California will cost you.

Factors That Affect Long-Distance Moving Costs

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If you are using professional movers, knowing the contributing factors to the total costs can give a better idea of how much you should budget for your upcoming move. Some elements that will alter the price of your long-distance move include: 

  • Moving service packages 
  • Total distance and time 
  • Size of home 
  • Size and type of moving truck 
  • Number of movers needed
  • Day, week, and month of the year 
  • Miscellaneous transportation fees 
  • Storage fees 
  • Mover’s insurance 
  • Additional considerations (vehicles, pets) 

Moving Service Packages

Professional moving companies will often offer different levels of service packages to their clients. Generally, professional moving companies typically offer standard options: full-service, partial, self-service, and labor help. 

Choosing a full-service moving package is typically the most expensive option and involves the moving company packing up your belongings for you and providing all the moving supplies. You do not have to worry about gathering boxes, finding packing paper, or taking the time to pack your items. 

Partial moving services are often customizable, where homeowners can pick and choose which moving services they require for their upcoming move. One popular option is for you to pack up your items but have professionals come in to do the heavy lifting, drive the truck to your new home, and unload everything. You may or may not opt to purchase moving supplies or even extra staffing. 

Self-service moving is one of the least expensive options for moving on a budget. With this choice, you choose to rent a truck and do the work yourself. However, you can purchase moving supplies and other items to help your move go smoothly. 

Labor help options are ideal for individuals who are moving heavy items that need more than one person or already have a way to move and store their belongings. Many professional movers offer laborers for hire and can make your long-distance move easier with oversized items. 

miscellaneous and transportation charges

Total Distance and Time 

The total distance of a move and the time it takes to complete it will directly affect your final costs. Professional moving companies often charge their trucks according to mileage and labor by the hour. 

For example, a long-distance move from San Diego to Sacramento will cost more for miles and labor than one from Los Angeles to San Fransico. It is vital that you discuss the mileage and labor fees ahead of time to get a better idea of the total costs for your upcoming move. 

Some professional movers will offer hourly or flat rates, making a choice easier to estimate your moving costs. However, many extended long-distance moves can quickly add up if you select an hourly option rather than a flat-rate moving package. 

Size of Home 

Naturally, the size of your home and the number of belongings will directly impact your total long-distance moving costs. While more belongings will need additional packing materials and a larger truck to move them, other elements can come into play that will affect the total price. 

More bedrooms in a home mean more large, heavy dressers and beds to store and move. In addition, homes with media rooms often have large-screen televisions that require extra care and space during transportation. 

If you have a garage full of tools and other oddly-shaped items, they can be challenging to pack in boxes and take up more space and materials. Consequently, personal items like pianos, grandfather clocks, and other unique pieces in your home will also require special consideration when determining your moving costs. 

Size and Type of Moving Truck 

The size and type of moving truck you need for your long-distance move is another factor affecting how much you spend overall. 

If you rent a small trailer for a one-bedroom apartment move that you are doing yourself, you will not have gas expenses from the moving company. However, if you require a more extensive 26-foot moving truck, gas, mileage, and labor will quickly add up. 

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Number of Movers 

Hiring a professional moving company to help with your long-distance move within California comes at a cost. Do you need them to drive the moving truck and load and unload your belongings? If you have help loading the truck but require extra labor at your destination, you can opt to use professionals at your new place only. 

Some companies allow you to drive the moving truck, while others restrict this option. Therefore, it is best to confirm beforehand the labor costs associated with your long-distance move. 

Day, Week, and Month of the Year 

One consideration that many homeowners are unaware of in the moving industry is the day, week, and month of the year for moving. 

The most common days of the week to move are on weekends, making this peak time for moving. In addition, moving trucks and laborers are in high demand during weekends, so you can end up paying more for a long-distance move on a Saturday or Sunday. 

Often, individuals prefer to move between spring and fall, making this a busy season for professional movers. This busy time may mean you are looking at higher rates because of the demand during these seasons. 

In addition, choosing to move around a holiday or on long weekends will often make the price of your long-distance move higher than a mid-week move.  

Miscellaneous Transportation Fees 

One additional factor that many homeowners forget about is any miscellaneous transportation charges with your long-distance move in California. For longer trips, professional movers may have to make stops along the way for gas or breaks before reaching the destination. In addition, some moving companies may factor in meal costs which will drive up your total costs. 

Depending on your location and route, highway tolls and parking permits can also increase your moving fees. 

Storage Fees 

There may be instances where you will have to leave your current home but cannot move directly into your new place. Many professional moving companies in California offer storage to temporarily keep your belongings secure until you are ready to move into your new home. 

Storage fee costs will depend on the size of your home, the duration, and the type of storage you need. Do you need container storage or a climate-controlled environment for your sensitive electronics? If you require overnight storage, you may only need to pay for the additional day of a truck rental rather than moving everything into storage for one day. 

Mover’s Insurance 

Some professional moving companies will include mover’s insurance in their packages, while others offer it as a separate cost. Often these packages will come with various coverage and have tiered fees. While it is never a good idea to decline this additional insurance, it may not always be necessary, depending on your situation. 

Talk to your home insurance company for their options on content insurance during a move. This way, you may not need to purchase a comprehensive insurance package and be okay with a basic policy. 

Additional Considerations 

Many other elements can add up quickly to affect the final cost of your long-distance move that you may not even realize. Some of these additional considerations include: 

  • Tipping the workers
  • Using stairs or elevators 
  • The proximity of the moving truck to the house door 
  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture 
  • Moving vehicles 
  • Transporting pets 

How to Save Money on a Long-Distance Move 

Not everyone has an expansive budget to hire professional movers and use all their services for an upcoming relocation. However, if you are planning a forthcoming long-distance move within California, there are some ways to reduce costs for a more budget-friendly move. Following these tips can mean a more affordable trip. 

  • Find and use your own packing materials 
  • Pack up your belongings ahead of time 
  • Ask for help from friends and family 
  • Purge and donate unnecessary items 
  • Move during a weekday 
  • Reserve early 
  • Negotiate a price 

Find and Use Your Own Packing Materials 

Rather than purchasing expensive boxes and packing materials from a professional moving company, find and use items yourself. 

You can start collecting boxes from grocery stores or second-hand from individuals who recently moved to your area. Also, save newspapers and flyers to keep your glassware and breakable items safe during transportation.  

In addition, using towels, clothing, and other items around your home as packing materials can keep your belongings safe while cutting down on the number of boxes you need. 

Pack Up Your Belongings Ahead of Time 

Instead of hiring a moving company to come in beforehand and pack up your belongings, you can save money by doing this tedious chore yourself. Packing can take many hours, especially if you have a multiple-bedroom home with a garage. 

This way, you can ensure that everything is packed and ready to go when the movers arrive, so there is less time spent on labor costs. 

weight and distance equal cost

Ask For Help From Friends and Family 

If you have friends and family close by that can help you pack, load, and unload a moving truck or trailer, you can save money on your next long-distance move. Also, enlist their help to take apart furniture, so everything is ready for moving day. 

With these extra people, you can do without the additional labor costs of hiring an extra person from the moving company to complete the job.  

Purge and Donate Unnecessary Items 

One of the easiest ways to save money on your upcoming long-distance move within California is to purge and donate any unnecessary items. The fewer things you have to move across the state, the less money it will cost. 

Many homeowners find that preparing for a move is a terrific time to downsize and purge items cluttering the home they do not need. Whether you donate your belongings or have a garage sale, minimizing what has to go in the moving truck will help reduce the overall costs. 

Move on a Weekday or During Off-peak Season

You can significantly reduce your moving costs by altering the day and time of your next long-distance move within California. Some professional movers offer discounts for homeowners choosing to move on a weekday. 

In addition, avoiding peak season for a long-distance relocation can give you a better selection of moving trucks, supplies, and discounted rates. For example, if you move during the summer months and only require a 26-foot moving truck for your belongings, one may not be available. This situation can make you choose a larger, more expensive one you do not need. 

Reserve Early 

Some professional moving companies will offer discounts for customers who book far in advance. If you do not plan to move immediately, you may be eligible for special rates by booking early. 

Negotiate Price 

Many individuals are unaware that some professional moving companies have some wiggle room to negotiate the relocation price. They will often not offer discounts or price-matching unless a customer asks, so it is a good idea to know if you are eligible for cheaper rates. 

Ask the moving company about any active discounts, sales for new clients, or eligible offers that you can apply to the total cost. This small step can get you less expensive rates you did not know were available. 

How Can I Estimate My Moving Costs?

Long-distance moving costs change throughout the year, fluctuating with the seasons and demand. This online calculator can provide a reasonable estimate of your moving costs. 

Calling a local professional moving company will help give you a good indication of what a long-distance move in California may cost you. They will ask you several questions before providing you with a quote, including: 

  • Location moving from and to 
  • Size of home and rooms 
  • Services you want 
  • Date and time of your move 

With all the necessary information, estimating your total moving costs can be easier. 

How Much Do Long-Distance Movers Cost in California? 

The cost of moving long distances will vary depending on the size of your home, the mileage you are traveling, and other critical factors. However, there are simple ways to cut back on your total moving expenses and save extra money. 

If you are planning a long-distance move within California, contact Easy Local Movers for your free quote. Our professionals are here to help you with every stage of your upcoming move, from small apartments to large homes and everything in between. 

Our moving experts are trustworthy and reliable, putting you at ease that your belongings are in good hands. We will work with you to find a helpful and affordable long-distance moving solution to suit your needs and budget. So whether you need a full-service move or just some help relocating, Easy Local Movers are here for you. 

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